KrakatoSR Integration for CINEMA 4D


Hi Ralf,

Once you get on the Beta forum, there is a private discussion regarding the pricing policy. I think you will be pleased.
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I just checked the prices for the C4D-Plugin :astonished:

Only to remind what Tyle said:


Had he released the free bridge, the price to use Krakatoa in C4D would have been $495 (the price of a Krakatoa SR license).
Instead, now you are getting the bridge for $100 + $495 for KSR, but with further development at Thinkbox Software by the lead developer of Krakatoa SR and several others incl. Yours Truly. This gives you the following benefits you wouldn’t have received with the free bridge:

  • Particle display in the viewports for all objects incl. PRT Volume, PRT Fractal and PRT Surface
  • Better lights and camera integration
  • Saving and loading Partitions
  • PRT v1.1 support for seamless interchange with Krakatoa MX and MY including automatic scaling and coordinate system conversion
  • Texture mapping support incl. C4D procedural maps
  • Camera projection mapping support
  • Sticky Channel generator tools
  • Lighting backing and Relighting workflows
  • Significantly more polished User Interface
  • Direct support from Thinkbox (1 year of support and updates included in the purchase)

Whether the above benefits are worth the additional $100 is up to you to decide. :slight_smile: