Launch Launcher as a User



I have been searching for this a long time now, but is there a way to lunch the Deadline Service as a User even when the launcher is already running as a service?



It seems to be one or the other. If you stop the launcher service you can open the launcher as a user.

You can probably create a bat file to stop the service and then open the launcher manually.


To add to this, you really only want to have one running at a time, otherwise features like idle detection become a pain to debug.

We have a primarily windows front end for artists, but i suspect you can do the same for linux.
But when a user has logged out, it switches from user mode launcher to service mode launcher, when a user logs in it switches from service mode to user mode.
We make sure to force stop the job running on the machine , when it goes from service to user mode.

We also use the ini files to make it so in both the user and service mode the slave starts as our render user, this means that in usermode, the artist can launch the monitor as them selves, but in case they lock there machine at night, if there is enough juice on the machine, when it is onlined on the farm, it will run the render user.

Our render user has access to all the projects (permissions), artists do not. we also made it if you change in the monitor or launcher over to the render user, its basically a disabled account, with no permissions in the gui’s to deter folks from trying to work as this special user :wink:

hope that helps put you on the correct path.


Thank you very much. So I can make it so when a user logs in I stop the launcher that runs in the bakcground and then start it as a user launcher? The slaves will always be used as render, we just want to be able to access the launcher as a user on some scenarios.

Do the launcher have to be installed twice? Or is it as simple as stopping the service and then just launching the launcher?


Yes, just stop it and launch it.