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Launch Slave At Log Off


I am a visual effects student at VanArts Vancouver.
We have one IT, who isint familiar with deadline. Any student, from any computer in the building can enter super user mode - suspend each others jobs, configure plugins - ect. I have access to the repository. There are HUNDREDS of decent workstations in this building that are not configured to become a slave on log off. If you go to each computer and launch deadline slave, they appear in slave list and you can use them. Please, give me some guidance how I can automate the process of turning all these computers into slaves, to launch Deadline Slave when the user logs off (Windows7).


Hello James,

I know other customers have used logon and logoff scripts to turn on the launcher service, and start the launcher, when the user logs off, then stopping it all when a user logs on. We don’t have these ourselves, but hopefully one of our helpful forum users who has done this can share their work.

Yes, I hope so. I talked to a instructor who said they once had this setup using a batch file some years ago. That guy has since left and the configuration was lost in deadline updates. If some one can guide me through this it will be great help - or if you are in Vancouver and can do this I can ask the school to bring you for paid work.

We’re in Winnipeg, so it’s just slightly too far to come out. I believe Charles has had some experience here, so I’ll see if he has any examples ready-made.

Thanks, that would be a lot of help. The teachers are enthusiastic about the idea but I am now the one responsible to implement it. I’m currently solving how to run the batch file as a system service so Slave will continue to run when one logs off.

This sounds like a job for Active Directory.


I have had success setting this up with task scheduler. For this to work Deadline must be installed as a service.

Create 2 batch files, startDeadlineService.bat and stopDeadlineService.bat.

edit stopDeadlineService.bat and add the following line…

net stop “Deadline 8 Launcher Service”

Put the file in C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts\Logon

edit startDeadlineService.bat and add the following line…

net start “Deadline 8 Launcher Service”

Put the file in C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts\Logoff

Now open up task scheduler and create the first task…

General Tab…
Name: Stop Deadline Launcher Service
Run task as admin
Run whether user is logged on or not

Trigger Tab…
Begin the Task: At log on
Any User

Action Tab…
Start a program
Select stopDeadlineService.bat

Create a second task…

General Tab…
Name: Start Deadline Launcher Service
Run task as admin
Run whether user is logged on or not

Trigger Tab…
Begin the Task: On an event

Start a Program
Select startDeadlineService.bat

If you are in an AD environment you can setup a GPO for running scripts on Logon or Logout.



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Thank you, that will be all the information I need.

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