This is my annual cry to make your levelset software a commercial product. At least give a demo and ask people if they want it. Its hard to get people excited for something they’ve never seen or recognized.



This makes sense in context of Ember’s planned future integration with Frost. No promises though.


LevelSet…? Intrigued…


I’m curious, would you mind saying what you want to use the levelset for?


This has always been my motivation for this viewtopic.php?f=89&t=5684#p22826

However, I just got on the ember alpha and am playing with the levelset operator. I can see where this with Frost can get you almost there, although bobo mentions a tighter implementation. I guess it would all depend on what the Level set Mesher can do that Ember+Frost can’t right now. Can it do it all but not simplified or does it have features not yet possible.


Right now you have to convert SIM Ember to PRT Ember before meshing in FROST. With deeper integration, Frost would directly mesh the SIM Ember and should theoretically reproduce the original mesh quite closely assuming high enough grid resolution.

The original LevelSet Saver had the code currently used in PRT Volume / Ember LevelSet to convert meshes to LevelSets, and the LevelSet Mesher could reproduce the mesh from that data pretty convincingly (see image below). It also had the ability to mix level sets via a procedural map.

With Ember, these abilities would be magnified.


This is what I want the most.