License Forwarder - timeout while waiting for data

Hi Guys,
We are having some trouble with out new Usage Based Licensing setup.
We have UBL Deadline workers licensing directly (not through the forwarder) but we are having issues getting license forwarding working for Redshift. When we run the license forwarder we get this output:

License Forwarder Thread - License Forwarder thread initializing…
License Forwarder Thread - License Forwarder thread listening on port 17004
License Forwarder Web Forwarder: Initialized - listening on port 443

We have setup the licensing Windows environment variable for Redshift and it appears that the test worker is communicating with the forwarder. When we initialise the Redshift benchmarking tool it shows this message:

::ffff: has connected

After a short period of time we get this error output:

License Forwarder Thread - Exception (::ffff: Timed out while waiting for data
Exception Details
DeadlineMessageTimeoutException -- Timed out while waiting for data
Exception.Data: ( )
Exception.TargetSite: Byte[] c(System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream, Int32, System.TimeSpan)
Exception.Source: deadline
Exception.HResult: -2146233088
   at Deadline.Net.DeadlineMessageUtils.c(NetworkStream bip, Int32 biq, TimeSpan bir)
   at Deadline.Net.DeadlineMessageUtils.ReceiveDeadlineMessage(NetworkStream networkStream, TimeSpan timeout)
   at Deadline.LicenseForwarder.LicenseForwarderThread.b(NetworkStream bju, Int32 bjv)
   at Deadline.LicenseForwarder.LicenseForwarderThread.a(IAsyncResult bjt)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we might have missed when configuring this?

Hey Terry!

Zain is looking at your ticket request, but the question I have here (and that he’ll be asking soon) is whether you need to have Web Forwarding enabled? That feature is more for power users whose render nodes cannot connect directly to the Internet and who don’t want to have a Layer 2 forwarder set up.

Essentially, the Web Forwarding feature creates a Layer 3 proxy between your nodes and the greater Internet so that we can run the first step of Third Party UBL. That’s a bit tricky with the custom certificates you need to create and typically customers prefer doing their own routing here.

I guess some other questions:

  1. Do you have more than one License Forwarder registered on your farm (check under “View > New Panel > License Forwarders”
  2. How did you generate the certificates the LF is currently using?

I have the same issue.

I can answer the questions:

  1. & 2. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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