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license server no go on Mac, okay on PC

I have a license server installed on a Mac on a network with that Mac and a OC. Krakatoa works fine on the PC but not on the Mac. I turned off the PC and even I disconnected it from the network to test if that was the problem, but the license does not work on the Mac. I have the Mac set to License Server and have entered the exact information I entered on the PC where it works, but I get an error screen on the Mac (no server found…) when I try to render.
Any thoughts on this? Do I have to first “disable it” on the PC some how before attempting to use it on the other computer on the network?
Thanks for any advice.

Well, it should just work. Occasionally Mac machines can’t talk to themselves using their names (bad DNS lookup for some crazy reason).

Try using ‘localhost’ as the machine name and see if that makes a difference. If it’s because the license is already in use, you’d see that in the error text.

Feel free to send a screenshot if this keeps happening or call us at 1-866-419-0283 ext 2.

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