Lidar files


it is possible to reproduce this in Cinema 4d?

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There are some obvious differences between Krakatoa MX and Krakatoa C4D, mainly the lack of a Magma channel editor. However, most of the workflows still apply. For example, I just tried loading the CSV file of the car and it showed up in C4D. Since the CSV file contained a first line defining the channel mapping, I did not need Magma to remap channels to Color or Intensity.

Things that I tried:

  • I created a PRT Loader and picked the CSV, disabled the “Sequence” checkbox which is equivalent to “Load Single Frame Only” in KMX.
  • I added a Krakatoa Copy Channel tag to the PRT Loader to copy the Color channel to the Emission channel.
  • I checked “Ignore Scene Lights” because KC4D supports default lights, KMX does not.
  • I checked “Use Emission” and tweaked the Final Pass Density Exponent just like in KMX.

Krakatoa C4D (like Krakatoa for Maya) lacks the PCache option available in Krakatoa MX, so rendering a camera animation after resaving the original file to PRT would take about 4 seconds per frame instead of 2… Otherwise the render output looks the same.


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thank you very much for the quick reply with info.