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LiDAR & Vertex Colors

Trying out Sequoia for the first time, hitting what is likely a pretty basic stumbling block but not sure what’s up. I’m loading in a single .ptx file that has color information. I have to scale the color channel on the point loader to 0.015 for it to not be white, but then i’m at least getting usable colors. When I create a mesher, it only creates a grey mesh. I have “texturing of meshes” enabled in viewport. When I scale the color on the mesh it just goes from white to black. I’ll try other sample files tomorrow in case it just happens to be something with this first dataset I’m testing. My goal is to use the scan data colors natively without having to do texture projections.

Secondly - remote desktop not supported? Or graphics card requirements? i installed it on one of our renderfarm machines since that has more processors and memory than my desktop, Sequoia immediately crashes on startup.

Running v1.0.27.0babd5a



There was a bug in our PTS/PTX loading code in 1.0.27 where the color channel was not being scaled correctly on loading.
This seems to be fixed in our internal 1.1 build, which should be available in the coming weeks.

Regarding the render node crashing, it probably does not have any recent OpenGL version installed. We have had reports that 1.0 runs slowly over remote connections. But if it crashes, then it is probably the video drivers. I believe that 1.1 will check the OpenGL version and fail more gracefully if it is unsupported.

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