Loading Maya plugins

Is userSetup.mel/py the only place where plugins can be loaded? Can it be done inside any of the Deadline script files such as jobPreLoad or PreTaskScript?

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Hi @Panupat,

The userSetup.mel is used to set up Maya working environment and is executed whenever Maya initializes. In this case, it loads DeadlineMayaClient() which runs the submission script SubmitMayaToDeadline.mel. All these reside on your workstation or artist machines, from where you submit jobs.

If you are talking about application/render plugins, the required files based on your job submission params, are pulled/copied over from the DeadlineRepository/plugins to your Worker, when a job is submitted.
A jobpreload script is executed by the Worker prior to loading a job that uses the plugin. There is also a Pluginpre load script that is run before any of the other scripts, when a plugin is loaded by the worker.

userSetup.mel is used to load the submission script and jobpreload/task scripts are executed by the workers after a job is submitted.
Can you give me more information on what exactly are you trying to do using your Jobpreload or pretask script?


Thanks Kavi.

We are trying to transition our render nodes from Windows to Linux and it’s 1 of the weird issue we ran into. Not sure if it’s only us, but Maya 2019 on Linux needs xgen toolkit plugin loaded BEFORE Redshift. Other wise Redshift would fail to load. However if we force xgen toolkit before Redshift on Windows Maya crashes.

userSetup is under Pipeline team and their hands are very full so changes cannot happen very quick. That’s why I’m looking for some other ways to do this since I have full control on the Deadline side of things.

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Hi @Panupat

Sorry for the delayed response here. Were you able to get past this issue? If not, yes you could load plugin dependencies in a plugin pre load script. This will be executed before any plugin scripts are loaded.