Looking for something I saw on thinkbox website



I saw something a few weeks ago on the page on one of your product but I don’t remember which one it was.

It was an image showing how we could use a 3d procedural map to distribute particles inside a mesh volume. It could be used to create Swiss cheese or a piece of bread.

Can someone help me remember with which tool we could do that…



In general, you would use a Magma modifier to set a Selection channel based on the texture’s Mono output compared to a Threshold, then use a Krakatoa Delete modifier to remove the particles with positive Selection.
thinkboxsoftware.com/krak-cu … s-using-s/


ok thanks! Magma: What an amazing tool!


I finally had time to experiment with this and that is amazing! I can do like Pixar did for Ratatouille to model the bread. (renderman.pixar.com/view/pixar-r … ading-food)
I used a prt object volume and magma. The network is a bit different from your previous link since the toScalar was removed in latest versions of Krakatoa.