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Looking for the submission script installer for 3dsmax 2024

I’m looking for the 3dsmax submitter installer (for windows) for 2024.
When downloading the Submission Scripts in Deadline Monitor I get an installer that doesn’t have the installer for 2024. It’s for the versions 2014 till 2023.
In the changelogs support for 3dsmax 2024 is listed so would love to know how to get it.
Thank you!

Is your repository up to date or just your client?

Our repository is not up to date yet, we are on at the moment.
I was suspicious that might be the reason the installer doesn’t offer the 2024 version of the submission script. Since support was added in a later version of the repository software. I assume this is correct :D?
Would mean we have to figure out how to update the database, its very very old haha

Exactamundmo - features come in the repository. Speaking as a support agent you should never have a version mis-match between the client and repository. The trouble it can create isn’t worth it.

As for the database, how old are you talking? We’ve got a guide to upgrade from 3.2 to 4.2 here - How Do I Upgrade MongoDB to version 4.2 from 3.2?

The only issue is that those steps haven’t been tested for versions 4.4 or 5. The basic steps should be good, but I haven’t done a 3.2->5 upgrade myself.

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