Machine Restart, Deadline Options

I would like a custom group of machines to restart once a week at a certain time but if the task they are rendering hasn’t finished by a certain time then i’d like the task to be cancelled

i thought a maintenance job with a repeating schedule would be perfect for this.

i’ve set the job up and set it to run once a week with a start and finish time. this works fine.

my trouble is deadline command which i’m using to set restart after current task doesn’t understand localhost / self so i have to specify in the commandline the hostname of the machine.

is there any way round this or a different method i haven’t thought of.

i would usually just run a python script but the machines it’s running on do not have python installed for security reasons.

any help would be appreciated

Have you taken a look at the in-built Power Management features of Deadline?

Though if it’s simplest to just run a python script, you could use dpython which is Deadline’s variant of Python that comes installed with the Deadline client applications. It lives at %DEADLINE_PATH% dpython so it’s even somewhat OS independent.