Machines stuck on "Starting Up"


I am trying to use Deadline to distribute rendering over two machines using Cinema 4D R21 and Redshift. However the machines are stuck on “Starting Up”. Both machines have R21.207 installed and Redshift 3.0.22.

I would ultimately like to use R22, but since it doesn’t seem natively supported (I’ve seen an unofficial release on the forum), I’d like to get R21 working first.

I tried this approach which didn’t work:

I don’t think I am using a render license since I’m using the Subscription model.

Does anyone know how to get this working? Is this a known issue? I hoped Deadline would be a good alternative to Team Render which is really buggy for me.

Hope anyone can help me out!


Did you solve this problem I’m having the same issues with R21 and Refshift

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