Magma Quaternions


Is there a way to multiply two quaternions?

Or do I have to make a million nodes and do it manually?

I thought that the multipy node might be overloaded to support quats, but it gets red and angry when I try.


Silly me, Just discovered the transform by quaternion node.

That does the job.

Sometimes I wish that you had a matrix type in magma. Sometimes it’s easier to think in terms of multiplying things by matrices rather than using other more complicated methods.


Sometimes I wish that too, but then again all Magma channels represent only components of the full transform matrix - Position is the translation part, Orientation is the rotation part, and Scale is the scaling part. A Quat that represents an orientation IS the equivalent of a rotation matrix which has no effect on scale and translation, so in fact it is easier to use than a full-blown transform matrix when it comes to affecting only the part you care about.