Max 2017 - Selecting Objects triggers a Frost update


I’m having a problem where selecting or deselecting objects which are used in a Krakatoa PRT Surface object (which is then used as a Frost Particle Object) will trigger Frost to update for a second or two, even if both Viewport Update options in Frost are unchecked.

Is there a way to prevent this?

BTW, I love the new Region of Interest feature in Frost 2 - very useful!


Thank you for your report! Unfortunately I seem to be having some trouble reproducing this problem, so I have a few questions for you.

What version of Krakatoa and Frost are you using?

Is this update faster than the full update you get when you press the Frost -> Force Viewport Update button?

Great, I’m happy to hear that!


Thanks for the quick response!

Both are most recent plugins versions as fas as I’m aware - Krakatoa MX 2.6.1 and Frost MX 2.0.10, Max 2017 SP1.

It is not recalculating the mesh and the “update” is much faster, around 1-2 seconds while Frost reports 30%, 40%, 50% progress quite quickly and then gets back to normal.

There’s one PRT Surface object which holds around 20 objects, however they’re quite highres, around 40 million polygons and generates a massive point cloud - I don’t have a number right now, sorry.

I can easily work with any other object not being a particle source for the PRT Surface object but as soon as it’s one of these it’s producing a lag upon any action, selecting, deselecting, entering subobject mode etc. This happens even if all the source objects, the PRT Surface object and the Frost mesh are hidden. I remember having a similar problem with earlier versions in Max 2016, not sure if it’s related.


Thanks, I see it now! It doesn’t happen with a teapot, but it does if I convert the teapot to an editable mesh. I’ll look into this.


Great, thanks!