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Max spot fleet capacity across multiple render groups

This is probably diving into advanced territory. We’re rendering on AWS, with multiple render groups for different setups (different DCCs, render engines etc) Each group naturally have a hard spot limit. But is it possible to combine a spot limit across two or more groups?

In our case, we have one redshift_linux and one redshift_win group (each set to a 15 spot capacity) . Which group is used depends on the host application. We prefer to use Linux due to the significant lower render costs, but for example 3dsMax doesn’t support it. Exporting to RS standalone has it’s own issues. If one job is submitted to each group, we end up with 30 spots in total, erroring out over no licenses.
We also have other groups with different license limitations, so a global AWS limit is no go.

I haven’t seen any functionality for this already built into Deadline, but curios to see if there’s a way to control this.

I’m guessing this is using the Spot Event Plugin (SEP)? Have you got a license limit set up for Redshift? The SEP should be taking the license limit into account, so if you have a maximum of 15 on the limit then SEP should request only 15 instances.

However I’ve never tested that with multiple groups but it should still respect the license limit. If it’s not that sounds like a bug to me!

Thank you Justin! I somehow missed your answer here, but using the Limits function sounds like a great idea.

So we select both a group and relevant limits on submission, correct? I guess it would require some coding to auto assign a limit to a group? Our users submit jobs themselves, so just thinking about ways to avoid user errors.

Yep, exactly! You could use something similar to Deadline/Custom/events/ForcePoolChoice at master · ThinkboxSoftware/Deadline · GitHub to be sure the right limit is set based on the selected group.

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Appreciate it! This looks helpful and should help me on the way. Thanks!

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