Maxon Cinema4D C4D S22

Hi, would like to have Cinema4D S22 support added.

In the meantime, does anyone have already modified R21 submitter script that works with S22?


Seconded on this request. I just saw a new entry in the Release Notes page for (still not getting email notifications on these BTW) and I scanned it hoping to see support for C4D 22. I’m new (or will be) to using C4D with Deadline though, so can’t offer any help on manually getting things working.

Hello! (8.5 KB)
I’ve attached an unofficial support patch for C4D R22/S22. You’ll want to back up the original versions of the files in DeadlineRepository10/plugins/ before you replace them. goes into DeadlineRepository10\scripts\Submission
Cinema4DBatch.param goes into DeadlineRepository10/plugins/Cinema4DBatch
Cinema4D.param goes into DeadlineRepository10/plugins/Cinema4D

@JClarke, double check that you’re signed up for the release mailer here in case something’s changed since you signed up in the past.

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Thanks for the scripts!
Its now successfully submitting from S22, but there seems to be some issues.
For whatever reason its trying to use full Commerial license of C4D, instead of Commandline license.
I will check out with Maxon if thats a licensing issue, not releated to Deadline, which looks like that.

With the same scripts its working fine with R21 and using Commandline license.

Let us know what you find out! I’m sure you won’t be the first person to run into this with R22.

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@Justin_B Sorry for the late answer, turns out we needed to buy Cinema4D Subscription Commandline licenses
Seems like old Commandline licenses arent upgrading with Commercial Subscription licenses.

No worries, I (and anyone finding this thread in the future) appreciate the info!

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