Maya 2020 support

Hi when will we get Maya 2020 support for deadline ?

Currently we only (officially) support until Maya 2019 but following the method below you may get it working.

You can manually patch the executable paths for MayaBatch into the plugin files in Deadline and could try submitting Maya jobs. However, this could break or simply might not work if there are significant changes in Maya.

Here are the steps for MayaBatch:

  1. Go to DeadlineRepository10\plugins\MayaBatch directory and backup your MayaBatch Param file.
  2. Add the following additional entry for RenderExecutables:
Category=Render Executables
Label=Maya 2020 Render Executable
Default=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\bin\MayaBatch.exe;/usr/autodesk/maya2020/bin/maya;/Applications/Autodesk/maya2020/;/usr/autodesk/mayaIO2020/bin/maya
Description=The path to the Maya 2020 executable file used for rendering. Enter alternative paths on separate lines.

Makes sure you have the right paths for the Maya2020 executables here.

Doing #1 & #2 will add Maya 2020 here (inside you plugin configuration):

3.Go to \DeadlineRepository10\scripts\Submission and backup file and replace this line:

versionBox = scriptDialog.AddComboControlToGrid( "VersionBox", "ComboControl", "2019", ("2010","2011","2011.5","2012","2012.5","2013","2013.5","2014","2014.5","2015","2015.5","2016","2016.5","2017","2017.5","2018","2019"), 6, 1 )

with this:

versionBox = scriptDialog.AddComboControlToGrid( "VersionBox", "ComboControl", "2020", ("2010","2011","2011.5","2012","2012.5","2013","2013.5","2014","2014.5","2015","2015.5","2016","2016.5","2017","2017.5","2018","2019","2020"), 6, 1 )

Doing #3 would add Maya 2020 here (Submitter Maya --> Deadline (in the monitor) )

Relaunch the monitor, you should now be able to see this in the plugin configurations.

Thank you zainali !
It’s working perfectly !!!
Thank you again
Have a nice day .

We have a problem the machine who send the maya 2020 scene render as expected (exr Redshift) but the other machine render black images as iff files.

Do you have idea on what could be the problem ? Deadline issue or redshift issue , both ?

Thank you in advance


It’s not coming from Redshift.
I don’t know why but if the submission is not install on the rendering machine, the render failed.
So I just install the submission script from deadline and its working.

This worked great for me!

One note. The copy and post technique in step 3. did not work for me. The Deadline monitor would fail to open the submit to Maya window.

I was able ton fix this by manually adding the year 2020 to the file at the front of the string and at the end.

Then everything works great.

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