Maya 2022 support

I’ve searched (2022 / maya 2022 / 2021) and I can’t find a post requesting 2022 support, can anyone point me to it?

Be good to get an ETA on this, I know AWS is very secretive about it’s roadmap nowadays :confused:

+1 Our studio is trying to update our pipeline and use Maya 2022. Can we get this asap? Also if you could do a version of Frost MX 2022 + VRay 5, I would be very grateful.

Also, not sure if anyone’s even mentioned this, but I’ve noticed a huge decline in customer support in the past year. I’ve emailed support 5+ times with really basic requests. They respond politely, but nothing gets done. Is AWS slowly drowning the team one-by-one? Should we be worried? Please Thinkbox! Save yourself!

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This release adds support for 3ds Max 2022, Maya 2022, After Effects 2021, Cinema 4D S24 and Nuke 13. It also adds Amazon DocumentDB as an alternative database choice when installing the Deadline Repository. Various bug fixes and minor improvements are included in this release as well.

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