Maya Arnold renderlayers not working

Hi there,
I’m probably doing something really stupid here, but it looks like when I have a Maya scene with 2 renderlayers, and I submit a “Arnold Export Job” to deadline, it creates 3 jobs. One to export the ASS and two arnold jobs, one for each layer.
The problem is that the second of those jobs isn’t able to find the .ass files as it’s expecting to find them in a folder for that specific renderlayer.
Shouldn’t deadline be submitting a .ass job for each renderLayer rather than one that gets picked up by the other arnold jobs? If it’s the latter, then why does the submitter not look for the .ass files in the location they were rendered?
Is this a bug / known-limitation? What’s the best way to handle rendering multiple render-layers via deadline and Arnold Export Job jobs?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions/help!

Bringing this ticket back from the dead. Is there anyone at Thinkbox that can help?

Which versions are you using?

I’m running with Maya 2022 & Arnold 4.2.1

I test doing the following

Create a simple scene with 2x objects ( a cone and a torus with aiCarPaint in different colours) and a ​dome light. Check it renders as expected within Maya

Check the render output setting and add a couple of AOV’s (I added rgba, Z-Depth, background)

Create x2 Render Layers and assign each object to a collection in the layer

Click submit to Deadline and make sure the drop down for ‘Export Arnold Job’ is selected

Then select ‘All Render Layers’, this will submit separate jobs, if master layer is enabled it will submit this too

it creates jobs for the export and render of each layer, so I get 4 jobs in total
The jobs show up as expected in Deadline Monitor

The rendered output also shows as expected with individual objects and passes


After going over the release notes I think the error is coming from using an older version

The release notes from 10.0 show an issue resolved in

  • Fixed some exporting and naming issues when exporting Layers to Arnold.

The release notes from 10.1 show an issue resolved in

  • Fixed render layer support for the Arnold Export job type in the integrated submitter.

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