MAYA/MtoA license not connecting


MAYA/MtoA license not connecting.

The Environment variable is set ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE=@foo1;@foo2

But i’m getting a stalled render. Job never gets any further and never completes.

2019-07-09 17:16:56: 0: STDOUT: 00:00:00 346MB | authorizing …
2019-07-09 17:18:00: 0: STDOUT: 00:01:05 347MB WARNING | [rlm] lost connection to license server

One of our machines is working. but unsure why so far. Arnoid liciense is picked up.
2019-07-09 16:09:55: 0: STDOUT: 00:00:00 589MB | authorizing …
2019-07-09 16:09:55: 0: STDOUT: 00:00:00 592MB | [clm] authorized for “86984ARNOL_2018_0F” in 0:00.08
2019-07-09 16:09:55: 0: STDOUT: 00:00:00 592MB | [clm] expiration date: permanent, in use: 1/19


That env car is for Flexlm but your log is citing RLM…


Unsure which RLM environment variable for MtoA needs to be set?


Do you have a RLM or Flexlm or both lic servers setup here? Autodesk no longer support RLM, so perhaps you need to reach out to them to help you migrate fully over to Flexlm?