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Maya renderlayers rendering in different location (Redshift 3.5.24)

Hi! When submitting from Maya24, using the labels for folder structure, deadline messes it up.
In maya we are setting up:

  • scene/renderLayer

It works good when rendering locally, but when sending it to deadline it makes:

  • renderLayer/scene/renderLayer

its something im missing? should’nt deadline just follow whatever we are writing in the prefix box as if it was a local render?

Hello @Miguel_Angel

Can you share an example scene which can recreate the issue? I think it should be easy to recreate.

Also attach the archived job in a direct message to me. Here’s how you archive: Archiving Jobs — Deadline documentation

I checked the submission script, It seems like it is getting the setting from the OutputPath you have set.

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Hey! I have sent you the archived job! Thanks.
Here the maya scene! (11.9 KB)

how is this going? any update? :smiley:

We need a solution to this please! :smiley:

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