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I did a fresh install of Deadline on Linux. I followed the instructions to the letter. I have 3 machines: 1 server with the Deadline Repository and Database and 2 clients. Everything appears to work great. I can launch workers and the monitor and they connect with repository with no problem. However, when I attempt to submit a job from Maya using the Deadline Submission plugin, I get an error that says approximately the following:

Access to path ‘/mnt/repo/jobs/…’ denied.

The permissions on the directory match exactly what the instructions dictated. I don’t understand why this error is occurring.

I rolled back to a fresh install of Deadline and have the exact same problem. The full message I get is as follows:

Deadline Command 10.1 [v10.1.9.2 Release (3d6a64d94)]
Submitting to Repository: /mnt/repo
Submission Contains No Auxilliary Files.
Error: Access to the path ‘/mnt/repo/jobs/5fb83c50a236ba12c48f4ed6’ is denied.
Using renderer: arnold

My Deadline workers and monitor connect to the repository just fine. My permissions are as suggested in the documentation (i.e., chmod 700 for the jobs, jobsArchived and reports repository directories and chmod 500 for the rest).

This seems like Maya submitter is not able to either access or write to the Repository Jobs folder. Check the permission on the Job folder for the user running the Client on the submitter machine. The Client User should be able to write and access the “/rep/jobs” folder.

As a manual test, try creating a temporary files in the “/mnt/repo/jobs” to check if the user running the client application on the machine you are submitting from has the appropriate permission to write.


Hi @karpreet,

Thank you. I changed my samba share to allow guests, to be writable and to force create mode 0777. I have confirmed that the samba share permissions on the client side show “create and delete” permissions for Owner, Group and Others. I am still getting the Access denied error in the jobs folder.

I am at a loss.

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