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Maya submit from Monitor - option to specify render layers


I was looking for a way to submit a Maya job from the Monitor, but I only want to submit a specific render layer from my Maya scene.
When submitting out of Maya I would check “Submit Render Layers As Seperate Jobs” and then only the render layers that are set to be renderable in the scene would get submitted to Deadline.

In the Softimage submit window there’s an option to specify passes. I would wish for something similar for the Maya submit window.

I’m using Maya 2018 and Deadline if that matters


Hmm. Would you type the names of the names of the render layers? Is there a reliable way we could pull the render layers from the scene? I fear how long parsing a Maya Ascii (.ma) file might take… And I don’t think we could support Maya Binary (.mb) files at all.

Yes, I would simply write the list of layers by hand like “rs_Beauty, rs_Shadow, rs_Matte” etc.
I don’t think trying to read the Maya file somehow for existing layers would be necessary (even if possible)

Our scenes are some GBs big and take forever to open in Maya and submit. It would save us a ton of time if we could submit the job from the Monitor, but only with the render layers we need.

Thank you for looking into this

Well, I’ve gone and logged it.

Something interesting too: In 3DS Max we keep track of all cameras listed in a scene and allow you to select a new one after the job has been submitted:

The benefit on our side is that saves us from having to sanitize the input list, but it does mean you’d have to have submitted it once before.

Thank you very much! This will be very useful in the future

Any update on this? This would be huge for our workflow as well.

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