[Maya] Vray Export Job + Dependent Tiled Render

Hi all!

I am currently trying to export my scene as a vrscene and then do a tiled render of it, with as little manual work as possible.

I seem to be able to check “region rendering” in the maya deadline submitter to be able to use tiled and jigsaw rendering when submitting a maya render job.

I can also tick “submit dependant vray standalone render job” to render my scene when I do a vray export job.

What I want to do, though, is both. I want to render out a vray scene from my maya scene, and then submit a dependant vray standalone job which uses tiled rendering.

If I go to deadline monitor and try to submit a standalone vray job, there is a tab for tiled rendering:

Looking at the mel source code for the maya deadline submitter it seems that the region rendering rollout is only made visible if the user has elected to run a maya render job or an arnold export job. Is there a reason that this UI element is only visible under these conditions?

I am hoping there is something simple I am missing and I can in fact submit tiled vray renders dependant on vrscene export jobs from maya in one step; is this something the maya deadline submitter can in fact do?

I am using deadline, as far as I can see.

Yeah noticed the same thing as well the other day and would also like the ability to be able to enable the tile rendering on the dependent standalone job when you have Vray Export Job selected from the Maya submission.

Had a look at the SubmitDependentVRayJob mel proc and as far as I can see there’s nothing in there relating to tile or region rendering. We could move this over to feature requests maybe, if its more suited to that forum?