Maya Vray GPU Affinity


I downloaded Deadline a few days ago. My goal was to build a small Farm with two nodes. I want to use this system for GPU rendering with Maya and Vray. I figured out that if you switch on GPU Affinity it will not work because it multiplies the amount of vram you use for the Scene with the Amount of Graphic Cards. So if the scene needs 2.5 GB of vram it needs 10 GB with Affinity. Is that true on your side or is it a Bug?

I use:

  • Deadline Client Version: Release (31a4a2e50)
  • Vray for Maya Next Update 1
  • Maya 2018 SP6


Hey @Tobias_Rosli

I think this is because Deadline’s Maya plugin doesn’t yet support GPU affinity for V-Ray

Hi Kavi,

thanks for the info, I spoke with one of the Support Team and he told me that, and also that he started a Internal Request for implementing this Feature. I hope it comes soon. It would increase my render power. It’s already 1 Month ago…