Maya + Vray to Deadline 10 FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359


I have installed deadline 10 on my Windows Workstations.
I’ve this error when I submit a render from Maya + Vray to Deadline:

08:12:44: The license files (or license server system network addresses) attempted are
08:12:44: listed below. Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file,
08:12:44: or contact your software provider for a license file.
08:12:44: Feature: deadline
08:12:44: Filename: C:\flexlm\license.dat
08:12:44: License path: C:\flexlm\license.dat;
08:12:44: FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error: 2 “No such file or directory”
08:12:44: For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,
08:12:44: available at “”.
08:12:44: Failed to checkout a license using current configuration, checking for auto configuration…
08:12:44: Auto Configuration: Picking configuration based on: Twistar /
08:12:44: Auto Configuration: No auto configuration could be detected, using local configuration
08:12:44: Attempting auto discovery of license servers, searching for servers on local network…
08:12:44: Broadcasting on
08:12:45: Unable to detect vendor daemons on local network
08:12:45: Could not obtain license because:
08:12:45: Dynamic Licensing Mode is enabled and the Slave was unable to check out a Standard License. Since the threshold of 5 has not been met, the Slave is unable to change to UBL. Reason for standard License failure: Could not retrieve the last error
08:12:45: Could not obtain license because:
08:12:45: Cannot find license file.

Can You help me, please?

Many Thanks.


How is your Maya normally licensed?


I’ve a standard Stand-alone license.


This one’s the Slave actually.

When you see " 08:12:44: Filename: C:\flexlm\license.dat" it means that deadline.ini file doesn’t have a server set up. Details on how to set that via “Change License Server” is here.

If you were using license-free mode up until now, you’ll have to delete all but two Slaves from the “Slaves” panel in the Monitor using “Super User Mode”


I use license-free mode and after deleting all slaves except two, the rendering seems to start… after a while I receive this error in task panel:


Error: Maya 2018_0 render executable was not found in the semicolon separated list “S:\Programmi\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe;C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe;C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe;/usr/autodesk/maya2018/bin/Render;/Applications/Autodesk/maya2018/”. The path to the render executable can be configured from the Plugin Configuration in the Deadline Monitor.
at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks (System.String taskId, System.Int32 startFrame, System.Int32 endFrame, System.String& outMessage, FranticX.Processes.ManagedProcess+AbortLevel& abortLevel) [0x002ea] in <2f52419e7ab64ba795b96de3fbc5b1a9>:0



Stack Trace

at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.d (Deadline.Net.DeadlineMessage aka) [0x00242] in <2f52419e7ab64ba795b96de3fbc5b1a9>:0
at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.RenderTask (System.String taskId, System.Int32 startFrame, System.Int32 endFrame) [0x000df] in <2f52419e7ab64ba795b96de3fbc5b1a9>:0
at Deadline.Slaves.SlaveRenderThread.c (Deadline.IO.TaskLogWriter aal) [0x0073e] in <2f52419e7ab64ba795b96de3fbc5b1a9>:0

I already checked in deadline tool > configure plugin
Maya Render executable is installed in my pc in S:\Programmi\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe

Many thanks


I took a quick look at the Maya plugin code, and all it does it taking the list of paths you configured, and calling FileUtils.SearchFileList() on it which returns the first entry on the list that actually exists on disk, or “” if none is found. In the latter case, it prints the error you are seeing.

So for some reason the function does not think that the file


actually exists on disk.

Possible things to check:

  • Since you have TWO render nodes, does EVERY render node have that path? Are you getting the error from a Slave that actually has Maya installed at that location?
  • Is the path spelled exactly as listed by the Windows File Explorer? Any non-ASCII characters on it that we cannot perceive? I assume you used the […] button to actually pick the file from disk, but I just had to ask in case you typed it in the text both yourself…

Please let us know.