MongoDB error when submitting a job

Error: An unexpected error occurred while interacting with the database dbserver01:27017:
Size 19152706 is larger than MaxDocumentSize 16793600. (System.FormatException)

This is the error i get when submitting a job.
I understand that there is a limit in the job plugin info and job info diccionary size.
In fact i have an ExtraKeyInfo that exceeds the limit.

My question is: would it be possible to tweak this limit and push it further through a configuration variable somewhere in deadline? Is that possible? I would like to try to burn this option before i start worrying about how to compress the string in my ExtraKeyInfo.

Thanks in advance

I just compressed my ExtraKeyInfoValue String and now it seems it has been enough so i dont get anymore that error.

Would be nice to have an answer for the above question in case it is needed in the future.

That’s a MongoDB limitation, which isn’t something you can change from within Deadline.

I am curious about what was in your ExtraKeyInfo that brought those files up to 19MB. The only thing I can think of is a long list of assets for AWS Portal.

If you’re willing to share to satisfy my curiosity I’d appreciate it!

Hi Justin
we were serializing some heavy objects and passing that serialization to the jobs causing the extra size.
I just managed to reduce the size considerably by applying some tweaks, that’s all.

Thanks for your answer.

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