Monitor is slow to start after upgrading to 10.1.11

Just a heads up here because I hit this both on my workstation and our test farm, but there was a feature added in 10.1.11 that recursively sets permissions on “%localappdata%\Thinkbox\Deadline10\pythonAPIs” when starting the Monitor or Deadline Command.

For me, I had 33 cached Python library folders in there and which added up to ~62 seconds every time I started my Monitor.

We’ll be fixing that for 10.1.14 but in the mean time if you’re waiting longer than you’d like try moving that folder after closing all of the Deadline applications.


It’s almost like you’re giving away the roadmap here, Houdini 18.5 in 10.1.13, permissions fix in 10.1.14… will there be a new poly bevel tool in 10.1.15?

I’m just sharing little snippets of what’s already done and waiting on a release. Giving people something to look forward to should be a good way to “delight our customers”. :slight_smile:

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