Moving repository directory


Is it possible to point Deadline repo service to a different directory and migrate existing jobs to it without reinstalling the repository? Currently we have Deadline repository installed on a workstation \\DEADLINE and share local hard drive C:\REPO (as \\DEADLINE\REPO). We want to point it to our file server directory instead. What are the steps involve in doing so?



  1. copy/rsync the repository across to the new location.
  2. make sure the permissions of the copied repo are 777 or read/write everyone.
  3. point all the slaves / services to the new repo.
    This can be done from the Configure Repository options > Auto Configuration.
    Can then set the Repository path for all the slaves/ services that way.

Warning: Depending on the volume of jobs that go through your farm, and how often you run the the housecleaning jobs, the jobs, and reports folders could take some time to copy.

Hope that helps.


Thank you.
Does the Deadline database service need any modification to know the repo has moved?


Unless your moving the location of the mongodb its self, however mongo itsself will not run its db from a shared / network storage.

If you did decide to move the data base:

  1. you want to disable all the slaves so there is nothing processing.

  2. stop the deadline db service.

  3. do a “mongodump” of all the databases, except system and local. to a bson file. example taken deom when we moved our db:
    /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/mongo/application/bin/mongodump --port 27100 --db deadline10db --out ~/mongodump-$date

  4. Either setup a clean mondodb instance on the new host, or run the repository installer, just remove the repo after, if there being hosted somewhere else.

  5. copy the folder that is --out path from the command above

  6. once you have that new mongo instance running you can do a db restore:
    /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/mongo/application/bin/mongorestore --port 27100 ~/mongodump-$date

  7. lastly in the /settings/connection.ini , you want to update the Hostname to the new hostname and ip of the machine that now hosts the db.

  8. point a monitor at the new repo path , restart the monitor if the repo path hasnt changed, and it should connect to the new database instance.

There is a fairly striaght forward doc here from thinkbox i found after i wrote all this :frowning:

Hope this helps:


Ah thank you very much Kwatts