multi_channel_exr_file_saver options

It would be nice if you provide some additional options on the multi_channel_exr_file_saver. Specifically:

  • allow the user to specify the compression type by string name (i.e. “zips”, which is much better for working in nuke). This one is the most important for us and simplest to do.
  • allow the user to specify the channel’s bit depth so we can get 32-bit normals and 32-bit velocity (I see z-depth automatically defaults to 32-bit which is nice)
  • option for turning on or off data window

I realize I can just write my own multi-channel saver, but since you already have most of the work done, adding these little additions would be quicker for you guys, or you could just share the code for the multi-channel saver and I could make the modifications.


Hi James,
Thanks for the suggestions. I can add an option to change the compression type. I can also add an option to set the channel bit depths.

for data windows, are you referring to setting the EXR dataWindow smaller than the displayWindow?

Yeah usually data window is set to the smallest bounding rectangle of non-zero alpha values. This becomes a crop box so that empty data (zero-alpha) is not stored in the image when you don’t have a full frame. It makes reads faster in nuke since there is less data to read off disk in many cases. Some other applications like after effects still have issues reading the data window properly so it is best to keep this an option with it default to off. This is not nearly as important as compression type.



If you added window support to SR (where you handled the camera transform) then it would be nice to have that optionally used for the window (as opposed to the non-zero alpha test).

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