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Needed Modifications for Fusion params and options file


I would like to modify the Fusion plugin to work with Fusion versions above 16. Yes, you can simply change the paths to v17 or v18 render nodes and it works, but since the submitter doesn’t recognize the higher version it always defaults to the first entry and you need to manually select 16 every time.
I assumed that it works like Houdini in which I add the necessary new version by copying the required text in the .params file and the submitter works, too. But while I see the text fields for the new versions in the “Configure Plugins” settings from the Deadline Monitor, the submitter does not find them.
Is there something I would need to change on the submitter for it to recognize the new fields?
Or something else entirely?

Thank you all!

not sure what you just wrote, can you just tell me what you need? u need a support for fusion 17/18?

Sorry, I was in a hurry when I wrote this :sweat_smile:
Yes, native support would be great but I actually figured it out already.
I was able to make the necessary changes in the submission script.
Now I can decide between all available versions and it defaults to the correct one even when using v17 or v18.

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