Never-ending detection of custom event - what's going on?


I noticed in our live worker logs that every 5 minutes I get this:

2020-11-01 08:45:39: Detected new event plugin myCustomScript_17 in the Repository, it will now be initialized

It happens on all jobs and it spams the log…

I have 17 custom scripts in here: custom\events that all work fine (including this one), but this is the only one that spams the logs every 5 minutes saying that it has been “detected”…

This detection should only happen once, or if I make a change… I haven’t touched that script in weeks, but it’s always being detected… what’s going on here?


Just to be clear - I don’t call my events: myCustomScript_## - I just didn’t want to write the name in here… :laughing:

Have you got a file in that folder that’s being changed as a part of the plugin’s operation?

That would trigger the detection when the plugins are checked.

Nah, none of the files are being changed.

So weird…

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