New Build Available:


Krakatoa SR C++ API was publicly release on June 24, 2013.


Release notes:

  • Krakatoa on Mac OS X is now supported.
  • Fixed the computation of “Emission” channel during particle repopulation.
    []The emission is now computed the same was as the density, in that it is based on the incoming emission of the original particle set.
    []Improved the accuracy of the “Density” channel computation during particle repopulation.[/:m]
    []Fixed a bug where Krakatoa was crashing on repopulation if the Density channel was not 32 bit floats.[/:m]
    []Added progress logging to repopulation.[/:m]
    []Added support for reading and writing PRT 1.1 file format.[/:m]
    []Added an option to specify EXR compression type, and an options to specify the channel bit-depths for all EXR channels.[/:m][/list:u]