New deadline-stubs issue

First of all, thanks so much for deadline-stubs! I had made something like it mself but it as nowhere near complete as this.

Wanted to pass on one issue I found. The event listener members like OnJobSubmitted etc are not present in deadline-stubs, such as in DeadlineEventListener.

So lines like this are reported to be in error:

self.OnJobSubmittedCallback += self.OnJobSubmitted

Hey, thanks for bringing this up!

Unfortunately it’s supposed to be for the Standalone Python API which is why it’s complaining about the self.OnJobSubmittedCallback += self.OnJobSubmitted stuff. As that’s not really python, it’s .NET hook-ins. The stubs get built off of the Standalone API code so the .NET hooks don’t get included in it automatically. I’ll look into what has to happen to get those added to the stubs and report back, assuming I can make the time.

Thanks again!