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New Installation, all windows, connect to repository using unc path

I have a new deadline setup, the database and repository are installed.
The ip of the repository and database server is
The repo is shared using the following path \\\deadlinerepo
The problem is when i install the client software on another pc with a direct connection to the repo using the above path it wont connect and gives can’t find repo error.
But if i map the drive to any letter and then us that as the path to the repo then it connects perfectly fine.
So the question is can i use a UNC path for a repo?

That’s odd - you should be able to use a UNC path for the repository without issue.

Are you able to use the UNC path in file explorer on the machine? By that I mean, does going to this path work?

My possibly flawed understanding is that the letter drive just mounts the UNC path for you, both routes should be equivalent. If someone in here’s done more work on this flavour of problem I’d love to be corrected. :slight_smile:

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The path that you have shown are correct.
UNC paths do work.
I had to add the password to the file share in credential manager and after that unc paths work like a charm.

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