No more hair and fur support in the prt hair?

The hair and fur radio button went away after krakatoa 2.6. Is there another way to source hair and fur wsm in later versions of krakatoa or was it taken out? Thanks.

I realize 2.6 is old version but I am using max 2016 with some old files that I have to render but I am getting glitches with the krakatoa prt hair source so I want to try a later version to see if that would fix it.

best, Christian

Hi christianl,

Unfortunately we had to remove the ability to source scene hair and fur for reasons outside of our control. I believe you can still use the PRTHair object to create hair particles from splines though.

As for another way to source hair and fur for Krakatoa MX, I will defer to @Bobo.

Thanks, separately I am experiencing an issue where the hair and fur are rendering differently from machine to machine on my farm, causing glitchy looking renders. Is there something in deadline settings that I need to have on when I send to the farm, such as enforce sequential rendering or something like that that would ensure consistency? when I render the whole frame sequence on one machine that render is consistent but I want to be able to render on my entire farm.


best, Christian

I suspect the Hair simulation is the culprit here, but I am not 100% sure. You can give the Force Sequential Rendering option a try and see if it helps. In general, Krakatoa populates the splines it gets. So if the splines are correct, the particles should look identical between renders. If you are getting wrong results, I would suspect the Hair produced incorrect guides for the particle generation…

Also, are you using Live or Precomputed dynamics? Maybe pre-caching the hair dynamics before submitting the job to Deadline would help produce consistent results on any frame?

I am using precomputed dynamics, but it has been behaving strangely so you are prob right about the simulation being the culprit. But beyond cacheing (which is what I am doing) I am not sure how else to it bake down so its not a problem.

I guess the oddity is that the precomputed dynamics renders fine on one machine but different from machine to machine. I also tried similar groupings of machine to see if that was the problem but I still got glitches.

I also tried zeroing out the transform on the hair growth object but that didn’t seem to have any effect.

If you know of any other hacks to bake this down I would love to hear them. Thanks.

Cheers, Christian

You could bake the particles on a single machine, and then render the baked PRTs on many machines if the hair is not changing and you need to iterate the Krakatoa renders. But this would require a huge amount of storage and might not help keep things fast, so I don’t think it is a very good idea…

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