Nuke 12 support


We started working with Nuke 12 and couldn´t send jobs to Deadline. So, I´ve sent an email to support last week, but, they didn´t answered it already. Does anyone knows when we will got Nuke 12 support?

Kindest Regards,
Rodrigo E.

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Bump. We also very much need Nuke 12 support asap.

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Hey folks,

@Rodrigo_Cesar_Vico_E which email address did you email us at? I can’t find anything in our ticket system. If you messaged us at we’ll see it.

We are working on Nuke 12 support, but I can’t say when it’ll be available (Amazon policy).

Generally speaking, you can add support for new plugin versions yourself by adding an entry to its parameter file, e.g. DeadlineRepository/plugins/Nuke/Nuke.param

@tilst is right, you might be able to add a Nuke 12 entry in the plugin’s .param file. Assuming they haven’t changed the commands we use to communicate with Nuke you should be okay. I haven’t heard of anyone doing that yet, so either nobody has tried it, or it works flawlessly.

I should have mentioned that! Just got caught up trying to find that missing email.

I have done it for Nuke 12 which renders without issues. But I have to admit I have until now only tested it with submissions from Hiero, which needs additional changes to its submission script. Submissions from Nuke 12 should work already with the changes in the param-file.

edit: tried it and submission and rendering using Nuke 12 works flawlessly

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Hey all, we have another unofficial patch for you to try here. It includes Nuke and Heiro and should extract to the root of your Repository which should be easier than when we did the Cinema 4D R21 release a few weeks back. We’re still figuring out how to bundle these things for you to try out before they’re released.

In this case, back up your ‘scripts’, ‘submission’, and ‘plugin’ folders before extracting this one. You should also be on Deadline 10.1 to apply this, so your mileage may vary here. (19.4 KB)

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Hi there.
Cannot make it work here, it says the following:

“Error: Nuke major version 12 is currently not supported.
at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.StartJob(String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)”

I have used the ZIP but for example In the submission folder I cannot see the “nuke” folder.
And for example in the “Configure Plugins” Nuke section it doesn’t appear any field for Nuke 12 path.

Any hint of what is happening ?

Many thanks !!

The driver for the Nuke 12 program path is in “[repo]\plugins\Nuke\Nuke.param” so make sure you copy that over too. Every file in that zip is required and should map to the root of the Repository.

Here’s where that Nuke folder lives:

Hi Edwin.

Thanks for your answer.

I think I did it correctly first time, but did it again just to make sure.

Still doesn’t work.


If you check the file’s date you’ll see that it is the one contained in the ZIP file.

if I open the param file in the ZIP file still cannot see Nuke 12 parameters included.

Got kind of stuck here.



Same issue here. The param file doesn’t contain nuke12 and if added still does not show up.


That mistake was my fault. I didn’t confirm the file contents were fresh enough. I’ve updated the link above.

Thanks Edwin !!
No problem ! :slight_smile:
Everything is working now. (Sorry I didn’t see the msg until this morning)

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Hazaa! Thanks for confirming! :tada:

@eamsler is there an ETA on nuke 12 support in the mainline 10.1.x?

Also, any insight on support for submission via the Deadline Submitter for Nuke? For our pipeline, it’s definitely a little nicer to be able to submit from right inside of Nuke.

Nuke 12 is on the official release as of Deadline! :tada:

Just came out yesterday, and the release notes are here!

That should work with just the param file tweak because we pull the version from right inside Nuke itself. The Monitor submitter always needs a version tweak since it’s hard-coded. I’d upgrade though, as Justin mentioned it’s officially shipping now.

Woohoo, downloading now!

Nice to see the Houdini + VRay AMI in there too :wink: