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Nuke 13 Support ( Python 2 to Python 3 )

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to put a request out for Nuke 13 support for Deadline, which was released a couple days ago.

Reading through the documentation it appears they have greatly shifted from python 2 to python 3. From their ’ VFX Reference Platform ’

“Nuke 13.0 includes support for the VFX Reference Platform 2020, and a major upgrade to its Python API—updating to Python 3.7.7. As of Nuke 13.0, Python 2 support will no longer be available and Python scripts and integrations will need to be updated.”

I started to look into updating the DeadlineNukeClient, and looks like the file handling has gone from string to byte-type by default. But I haven’t worked through the whole submission process yet, and figured It would be prudent to start this topic.

I was wondering if anyone had modified the submission scripts yet, or at least get the topic started, and see if Thinkbox is intending to or has already started working on this integration.



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I would also like to know about this. Thanks!

Best, Christian

I edited the deadline files to support nuke 13 and nuke 12.2 as the same time (I check python version with sys.version [0] , if = 2 that’s python 2, if equal 3 that’s python 3).

It need few more test to see if everything work (in both nuke version), but if ok, i will share the files if you want.


I’m in the same boat and would love to test what you’ve done Marco.
I tried running it through 2to3 with no real luck and that’s pretty much exhausted my python skills! :crazy_face:

@Toby_J_Angwin I’m not really expert in Python, just fixing error byte by byte :slight_smile:
Look like my version is working, so i will post it, time to clean the code, and do a simple readme file

Notes : i just done the nuke integrated submitter, (and edit everything related to make it work…that’s what i use :slight_smile:


@MarcoA Thanks for putting the work in, I would love to see what you have if you want to share. If you have a git, maybe I could contribute too if there are any issues I run into and fix.


Sorry quite busy by work now, my rewrite work, but sometime on some windows system i run into error, i will fix them :), and share when solid enought (i know some user will just download it and use it as it is, so better to work nice or share nothing)

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What support! Thanks for the update!

hahaha, I know where the error is, i could fix it by changing some python file on nuke side, but i don’t want to (if you read the nuke main function on deadline side, you will know where i got some error thanks to comments) => i need to bypass this without touching the nuke files (python 3 work perfectly on nuke side, but the problem is on python 3, suppose to be easier than python 2.7, string and bytes are not the same thing and way worst to work with on libs than python 2 (string or unicode are same shit, let’s move on)…
but i suspect due to this that we will have to wait long long long time on thinkbox side for official support (it sucks, before thinkbox was the best support i know with fixs coming out very quickly and nice feedback , pretty sure it’s not due to team develloper :frowning: )

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+1 for Nuke 13 py3 support

+1 for Nuke 13 py3 support it’s there now, works for me on linux / windows BUT of course there is an error (which didn’t get picked up in

There is a fix kindly posted by @MarcoA available on his post here

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Thanks for the update @anthonygelatka !

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