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Nuke Auto Reload Plugin

Hey pals, I have a feature request for Nuke.

I’d love to be able to leave ‘Reload Plugin’ disabled, but then have it auto-reload when each task is using a certain amount of peak RAM.

By disabling the reload, this save’s Nuke checking for a license each time and renders come out much faster; sometimes as quick as 40 seconds for the first task and 8 seconds for each subsequent task. But eventually each instance of Nuke is using enough RAM that they crash and then have to relaunch.

I’d love a per machine auto-reload amount. Ie. If a task uses 12GB of peak memory to render, then relaunch it for the next task. If it’s less, then don’t reload and just give me that next frame as quick as you can.

Would something like this be possible? Is it already and I just haven’t found it yet?

Thanks in advance!

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