Nuke Studio only uses the first frame number


Hey, testing the NukeStudio functionality also. Is it possible to submit sequence but change the starting frame? The way I understand it, Deadline now takes the correct amount of frames when submitting a sequence but not the starting frame. So since all our compositions start at 1001, it never renders the correct frames. Could it be changed in the py code somewhere? It seems much more stable than nuke frameserver.

Nuke Studio submission

Moved this into it’s own topic.

Are you using a TimeOffset node or adjusting the start timecode anywhere? I’m pretty new to Nuke Studio so I’m not sure if these features are applicable here, but I’m curious if there’s something in the workflow that might be adjusting the frames that may be affecting things.

In looking through the submitter, there are a number of code paths at play here. Could you send along the plugin info part of the job? It’s the right-hand column of Submission Params. It should help me dig trough the path the submission took.