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Nuke Submission ingores Frames Per task

Hi all

We use Deadline and Nuke 13.2v4, and the latest version of the submitter.

The issue we are currently experiencing is as follows. If a user submits a job to the farm with say, 5 frames per task, it’s currently pot luck whether Deadline will respect that.

In submission one it might work as expected:

If the user submits again, altering nothing (certainly not altering submission parameters), the result might be all frames rendering on a single node, as per below:

This occurs with only nuke, with more than one user affected.

Where would be the best place to start troubleshooting something like this?


Right-click on the job and select ‘Modified Job Properties’ → ‘Submission Params’. For all of the jobs, send that back so we can verify what it looks like.


so the difference appears to be the BatchModeIsMovie=True/False.

I can’t see anything in the write node or the submitter to toggle this- can you point me to where this might have been changed?


It appears that your chunk size is set to 1,000,000, which means the rendering will be processed on only one computer. I recommend double-checking your submitter settings to ensure that the number of frames per task is set to distribute the workload across multiple systems. Adjust the frames per task to match the desired distribution for your rendering tasks.

Thanks Derek

With your help we’ve been able to find the (rather obvious in hindsight) culprit. Going through the different artists submissions seems that occasionally a write node with a quicktime output is being included in a list of EXR write nodes. As soon as that one write node is included everything goes through one render node (theyre not ticking different write nodes as different jobs).

As soon as that node is included the frames per task shoots to 1000000

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I noticed later that seeing that number means there’s a quick time in your write-up. Glad you got it sorted out.

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