Octane 4 Standalone support


At the moment if I point deadline to octane 4 it doesn’t pick up the correct frame range or samples.

Is there official support coming for Octane 4?


Has Octane 4 been released to the public? I thought it was only in testing right now, and we don’t typically add support until after the full release.


It’s in releases candidate 5, so yes not stable. It should be very soon.

How long after it’s stable will add support?


It depends on internal priorities and what was changed between versions so I can’t give you an estimate. It’s also difficult for support across the applications it’s embedded inside of (Maya, Max, etc).

In the same theme as the thread for C4D R20 support, does anyone know what changed in 4? I guess the first thing to try and figure out is what caused the frame range to fail… Does anyone have Octane 4 handy to check the command line flags? I can compare against?

It looks like we’re passing -a <number> -a <number> for start and end frames which seems pretty ambiguous. I would not be surprised if they changed those two.


I’m not sure what changed. I’m happy to help check some command line flags, but not very knowledgeable with cli myself.

Do you not have an octane licence? Otoy should really give you one for free.



Otoy don’t give out free licenses, NFR or otherwise, they expect you to buy it. I’d love to be able to recommend it to users but if I can’t get a free license I can’t get to grips with exports and standalone. A pain really but I’m sure Amazon can get the wallet out :wink:


Sometimes they do: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OctaneRender/permalink/1107988706044873/

Message Jules for one or Amazon can cough up.

Also, I’m happy to help if needed. It would be really great to have better octane integration, standalone and C4D.


Is there any update when Deadline will be updated to version 4. A stable version is out. Also for the C4D plugin.