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Open .max file in place (on network)

Maybe this is already what happens, but it doesn’t seem like it… We have .max files which primarily use relative asset pathing to a folder adjacent to the .max file (let’s call it ‘./assets’). Even if the .max file which is specified for the Deadline job is on our network, and there’s an assets folder adjacent to it, maps are still not found.

How exactly does Deadline open/load files? Does it copy it locally? Does it open the deadline startup .max file and then merge the target file? Curious how we can actually open the exact file in place on our network. Or if there’s another potential workaround for this.

FYI we’re not using the AWS asset transferring features. We’re trying to minimize any copying of files (huge network bandwidth issues when we have 100K+ jobs on any given day).

Thanks for any help!

By experience, DEadline don’t like relative pathing with 3dsMAX…and need to be rooted.

If you want to use relative path, you will need to NOT save maxscene on repository , but instead use the network/original path, and everything will need to be stocked there.

The best with deadline and 3dsMAX is to NOT use relative path, but instead absolute path and UNC.(it really work better).

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