Optimizing performance with 4K DNxHD


Hi guys,

We have a project that needs 4K quicktimes - lots of tiny things in the frame - and we’re having very long draft render times. Any idea how we can speed things up?



How long are your draft rendertimes for a 4K 300 frame shot?



It’ s not too consistent, about 1-6 hours across 200-600f shots.



What are the machine and network /server specs?

We do our rendering with Nuke, not draft but I’ve always noticed draft is slow (other studios) compared to Nuke (which is not the fastest either but allows for very simple setup).

300 Frame 4K ProRes 444 out of Nuke took about 20 minutes on a reasonable node with simple 1Gig connection and a Pixtor Server.
(And that includes things like creating the slate, read/writing info from/to shotgun etc)

(DNxHR is not available in Nuke :frowning: )


We have built a system around Draft and it would be costly for us to move to Nuke. It’s not a problem with other configs, but 4К DNxHD is slow. That and Prores are the codecs these days, and Prores doesn’t natively play in RV, so we go with DNxHD.


Sorry, just to clear up confusion.
You are rendering DNxHR, not HD?
Because DNxHD cannot render to 4K.

I would say, submit a support request to Deadline.
It does matter though what machine it renders (higher Ghz is faster) and at what speed its pulling the 4K frames from the server.


Thanks - we’ll check that out and ask support.