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out of focus?

Here are two images - one rendered by K one a Standard render. Though K render has more contrast, the outer edges of the images look out of focus. (This is a 100% crop from a 3000 pixel image… I used only the defaults for the Krakatoa render/
Any thoughts on how to improve the Krakatoa render? The lighting is not particularly good but why is the Krakaota image so out of focus around the edges
Thanks for any help. - scene file … n.tga?dl=0 - Krakatoa render … d.tga?dl=0 - standard render


It looks to me that you are using motion blur with the Krakatoa version of the render but not with the X-Particles render. Try turning the motion blur off in your Krakatoa settings and you should see similar results to the standard version. If you are just doing a still render and want it “crisp” looking don’t use motion blur. That’s better for animations to make it appear smoother.

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