Particle channel velocity multiplier


In the Stoke design, Is it possible that we get to define the amount of velocity to be applied using a particle channel, and not cost too much performance? That would be an awesome feature to have, so we’d build soft conditions where to apply fields based on particle properties.



We are talking about the Stoke Particle Simulator, right?
I think having a Magma that is run for every particle on every simulation step would be the most general solution for this type of control.


Right! That would open up a whole new dimension of possibilities.


If you don’t mind Hristo, what scenarios are you thinking of?


Conceptually - now data only flows one way, from the field to the particles, and if we can go both ways, it’s much more powerful.

Example wise - imagine you want particles to move faster in the beginning of their lifespan, slower later. Or have the particles with a certain color move faster. Or accumulate color with speed, and get more turbulence on the brighter ones. Endless, really :slight_smile: