Particle system RGB flickers when particles die


Hey guys, I have a system that is inheriting color from a basic texture. It looks great, but as the particles start dying the colors start to flicker and change. It FEELS like when particles die that krakatoa gets confused about ID’s. Any thoughts?


Hi Mike,

The Krakatoa renderer itself has no knowledge of IDs - it simply reads the Position, Color and Density (and any other motion or shading-related channels) and draws the points. If the colors are flickering, the problem would be coming from the stage before Krakatoa got the particles.

The only place where particle IDs matter in Krakatoa MY (as far as I can remember) is the PRT Loader’s Interpolate option which tries to follow particles by ID between consecutive PRT frames in order to perform cubic interpolation using both frames’ Position and Velocity and make the particle follow a curved path instead of a straight line based on the current frame’s Position and Velocity. This would only have effect on the Position when retiming, but should not affect colors.

How did you acquire the texture color?

Also, can you post a short animation or at least two consecutive frames to give us a better understanding of the nature of the flickering?


Had a similar problem with flickering when particles died. Was using PRT loader and animating the Playback Graph with Interpolate Sub-Frames active to ease out the animation, which was two streams of particles forming a heart shape. There were pops when the particles on the leading edge died. Fixed the problem by having particle density (opacity) go to zero instead of dying, worked like a charm.