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Pass custom mongodb config.conf when installing unattended

I’m installing the deadline repository and letting it also install mongodb for us.
Currently when the installation is done it runs mongodb with the outdated config file that doesn’t use tls (ssl is deprecated) and it doesn’t work with x509 auth.
So I need to update the config. To do so I have to wait until mongodb is done launching, then stop it, modify the config file and then re-launch mongodb.

It would be so much easier if it was just possible to pass a custom config.conf file with the installer so it would use that file instead of adding the outdated one before launching mongodb.

I can make a feature request to take in custom config files, and to default if possible to requireTLS instead.

That would be great!

This is how I had to modify the config.conf file to work when also generating certificates:

#MongoDB config file

  destination: file
  # Mongo DB's output will be logged here.
  path: /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/mongo/data/logs/log.txt
  # Default to quiet mode to limit log output size. Set to 'false' when debugging.
  quiet: true
  # Increase verbosity level for more debug messages (0-5)
  verbosity: 1

  # Port MongoDB will listen on for incoming connections
  port: 27100
  ipv6: true
    # SSL/TLS options
    mode: requireTLS
    # If enabling TLS, the below options need to be set:
    certificateKeyFile: /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/certs/mongo_client.pem
    CAFile: /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/certs/ca.crt
  # Database files will be stored here
  dbPath: /opt/Thinkbox/DeadlineDatabase10/mongo/data
    enabled: true

# Enable sharding

# Setup replica set with given replica set name

  authorization: enabled
  clusterAuthMode: "x509"
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