Pass on task environment to Image Viewer


We often have multiple shows simultaneously with their own colour setups, defined using the $OCIO environment variable for each show’s context.

I’m using RV to view render output through Deadline but it doesn’t pick up the correct colour config since it just starts RV fresh in a clean environment. Could we have some kind of option to pass through a task’s environment or certain variables through to the image viewer process? Or some alternative solution that would make this work?


You could store the colour config info on job extra info keys, and then just read it and pass it to RV when opening (if it supports that).

How about this… Go to your DL Monitor options, configure a custom image viewer executable but instead of feeding it a file path to an image/movie player EXE, instead provide a wrapper script (shell/py - your choice based on how your pipeline works). This wrapper script could set any ENV VARs you want, etc, maybe execute any global/generic pipeline tools you have to set the environment according AND then execute your preferred image viewer EXE?

Your wrapper script would be in charge of handling any ARGS being passed to the original image viewer such as: “{FRAME}” or the “file-path to the image being opened”.

The bad news; is currently there isn’t a way to configure these Monitor Options settings on a global level for all users.

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